Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cadre of Merlo Drivers request meeting with Patrick Preusser to discuss the dirty bus situation

Operators are hoping that Patrick Preusser will finally do something about the dirty bus problem

A small group of Merlo operators have requested a meeting with the new Director of Transportation, Patrick Preusser, to talk about the never ending problem with dirty buses coming out of the Merlo garage. 

"We operators are expected to show up to work and look good every day yet the company sends us out in the most pathetically dirty equipment imaginable" an operator told me who wishes to remain anonymous. 

"We've had enough of this and are hoping that Mr Preusser can do something about this situation once and for all since all of our complaints have gone unheeded for years by the current management of Trimet." says the operator

Mr Preusser granted the request and will be meeting with the operators soon


Steve Fung said...

Now you know why I made the YouTube videos documenting dirty buses when I was employed there. I personally washed all the windows before leaving the garage.

Al M said...

Truly disgraceful that trimet managers just don't care

HRSRampantLion said...

What these ops may not know is that Maintenance, at least those at Powell Garage, are on the case. They are designing a completely new system that...get this, does away with the industrial sized vacuums altogether! The future will be sweeping brooms only.

This just gets better and better, doesn't it...

BTW, who is this guy who evidently isn't old enough to grow a proper beard?!! Looks like overgrown peach fuzz to me.

Just sayin'...