Saturday, March 18, 2017

Some pretty good transit stuff on Bike Portland lately

I've had a phobia of Bike Portland for  years now. If you're a really old timer you might remember the ordeal I was put through over there. That was years ago now but I am still shy of that blog.

However that is my own stupidity since there has been some really good coverage of transit issues over there such as the following:

Bicyclists will be attending the next Trimet board meeting. 
 Now that should be interesting.They are upset that Mcfarlane is using scarce funds for highway expansion;

“It is completely inappropriate for the head of TriMet to advocate for scarce transportation funds to be directed to highway widening,” wrote BikeLoudPDX leader Jessica Engelman in an email about the event. That email has led to an official event being promoted by the group. Here’s more from the event description

Public transportation industrial complex "guru" (and apologist)  Jarret Walker will be speaking at some sort of "summit"

The state "transportation package", its a committee made up of elected Democrats and Republicans which means that something will come out of it which will help very few citizens but should provide some nice pork to insider construction companies.

Insiders got together to talk about transportation funding in the city of Portland. Pretty good coverage of the neoliberal Portland agenda 

Maus made some good comments about Trimet like this: While they’re good at chasing mega-projects (including ones that have nothing to do with transit), TriMet is not doing enough to make bus service great. The result is fewer people taking transit — and more importantly, more people opting to drive.

One thing I do respect about the Portland are bicylists, they know how to be activists

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