Saturday, July 14, 2012

McFührer gloats over decision-becomes "most hated" general manager in Trimet's history

Notice how he completely ignores all the sections in the ruling that ADMONISHED HIM AND HIS STAFF FOR ILLEGAL AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR-Neil, you won by being dishonest, and unethical. YOUR VICTORY IS SHAMEFUL-NOT SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE. I know you don't care since you are a man of low ethics, but I think its safe to say YOU ARE THE MOST HATED GENERAL MANAGER IN THE HISTORY OF TRIMET. Your despised by your current employees and hated by the retiree's who earn no extra income to pay for your insurance increases. I'm sure you get a BIG FAT PENSION like Fred Hansen's $15,700 a month and maybe a boatload of cash. You sir, ARE A DISGRACE. 
Isaiah 2:22 Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?

I just learned that the arbitrator has issued his decision on our labor contract—and he ruled in favor of the management proposal. Here’s a quick look at what that means:
  • We’re avoiding $5 million in additional cuts to the current budget—the one that started two weeks ago --that TriMet would have faced if the ATU’s proposal had prevailed.
  • TriMet’s Last Best Offer will be implemented effective December 1, 2009. This new contract will expire November 30, 2012.
  • Union employees will continue to have high-quality, affordable health insurance, but there will be higher costs for copays, prescriptions, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum.
  • Retirees, too, will see changes to their health coverage.(they are the real losers)

Many details, some likely contentious, will need to be worked through as provisions are implemented. Our goal is to do that as clearly and quickly as possible, and we will consider input from the ATU in doing that. (translation, screw your union)

None of us knew what the arbitrator’s decision would be, and we didn’t expect to see it until the end of the month. It is a great relief to have this decision in hand, and to know that it staves off the threat of another $5 million in cuts to a budget that already includes fare and service changes that were not easy to make.(you are a fucking liar)
However, as we all know, this is not the end of the matter.(translation,we want more concessions) TriMet looks forward to working with the ATU leadership to find solutions to the financial challenges we face. (liar) Only with significant structural change to our benefits expenses will TriMet be able to stand on secure financial footing, confident of our ability to be there for the customers who need us.(translation, the give backs are just beginning)
I want to express my appreciation to the staff who have worked so hard to document the facts  (you means lies and distortions) of our financial situation. I also want to thank every one of you for each day that you come to work and do your best—even when controversy, uncertainty and negativity seem to be swirling around---for the good of our customers and our community. (bunch of bullshit, they show up for the cash and $37 an hour overtime)
This man in the king of bullshit-everything that comes out of his mouth is bullshit


Anonymous said...

I am so glad we were able to help pay for all that new office furniture down town

Anonymous said...

So now Retiree's who gave up pay raises in wages and pension for all their years at TriMet are forced into a lowering off our retirement stipen for the remainder of our lives.
This is proof that STUPID PEOPLE have inherited all power positions on the planet.
It is unfair if not ILLEGAL for this to occur. Those who retired paid the price for their retirement benefits years ago by forgoing regular raises to maintain the benefit.
For anyone close to retirement... guess what, you just got to pay for your retirement clock with your retirement FIXED INCOME.
If TriMet is in trouble, Neil McIReallyScrewedThem's job should be in jeopardy. He was head of Capital Expenditures when Tri-Met was spending outrageously on Capital Projects when it was obvious the economy was spirally down. All the time NEVER planning for increases in known employee costs while ignoring State Mandate to collect fares (the other half of the deal so TM would get to raise the payroll tax it collects).
Surely, this man is not capable of running a department let alone an Agency.

Al M said...

This is the most grave of changes- he has just removed thousands of dollars from the pensions of the men and woman who spent years of their life in service to Trimet. He has litererally taken the food out of their mouths is they are sick or disabled ! He has hurt the weakest
Among us and he better pray that god does not exist because if god does exist he can look forward to eternity in hell!

Anonymous said...

How much is Neil giving back? Did they point out that during this whole thing they have approved increases to many of the non union members.
How many six figure pencils counters do they have.
How do you call someone a manager when they have no people under them?
Six figures for people that can't write a letter and then they have people under them......what you have no money

Oh lets take it back. Remember the whole bus load of money used for the company doing the WES train?

Crack open the books Trimet what will we see?

Think about David A got the hell out of there in a hurry,then Beth D is leaving ?........WEll wonder what is cooking in the finace department.

Anonymous said...

I feel very concerned for the Retirees. I cannot fathom how they will adjust within their lives with the added costs that they did not plan for.

Today was Pete's funeral. I tried to imagine what words of comfort or wisdom he would share. I suspect this entire TriMet fiasco would have made him very discouraged and sad.

Al M said...

To require a family who's breadwinner was a Trimet retiree now has to come up with $4500 if they get sick.

In my case, I get a paltry $750 a month or $9000 a year. A major sickness will now cost me $4500 out of pocket-so that leaves me $4500 a year to live on.

That piece of crap Mcfarlane makes such a big deal out of the 'contracts' that Trimet abides by, but he has no problem tearing up the contract he made with former employees and destroying their lives.

Anonymous said...

What a hollow victory....but never the less a victory for "management". Remember Enron? and how they screwed their employees, retirees and the public? They cooked the books to make the numbers show whatever they wanted them to say. There are a lot of parallels.
For the arbitrator to say the retiree plan is the only reason the union lost is a disgrace!Blaming those who gave long and distinguished service on such small pensions is disgraceful. Shame on you. Whoop it up TM. November is around the corner. You better hope all the books are in order and nobody blows the whistle.

Anonymous said...

Neil and his pals in the glass palace need to be fit for duty 24/7/365. They make safety sensitive decisions EVERY DAY yet are not on the random drug test list. How do we know their questionable decisions are not being obscured due to the influence of legal/illegal drugs or from years of drug abuse?
They may not directly crash a bus or train but they certainly can wreck Tri-Met.

Anonymous said...

if they can buy a supreme court justice, what's a arbitrator cost now !