Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In the POST BELOW this we see how the fat heads that run Trimet customer service (term used loosely) and training DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEIR OWN RULES! And for this type of incompetence the tax payers are funding $30+ dollars an hour plus the usual GOLDEN benefits! How can we as union members possibly defend ourselves to the public when we see example after example of incompetence and misuse of tax payer funds?

There is an argument on the comments section about the word MAY. I worked at Trimet for 15 years and was told THAT THE BUS IS IN REVENUE SERVICE ON DEAD HEADS AND THAT CUSTOMERS CAN RIDE ON THE DEAD HEAD. There is absolutely not one logical argument to deny a rider a ride along the dead head or to the garage. The driver is making the usual $25/hr for driving empty, it should not be a choice.


Erik H. said...

OK, so it's in the procedures.

That raises a new question:

1. When should riders know if it's OK to ride a bus off of a posted route?

2. Should deadhead routes be publicized? Who is to say that an Operator could just say "Well, I'm not going that way" merely out of convenience to avoid carrying a rider? (I.e. a 12 bus terminating at Sherwood deadheading via Roy Rogers Road and Murray Boulevard, versus 99W/217/26/158th)

3. What is the responsibility of an Operator once a boarding is accepted?

Frankly, this policy creates MORE problems. I know in the past (and possibly now), TriMet would route "deadhead" buses on the 67 route just to keep them in service to Merlo. The same is likely true on the 9 and possibly the 17. I could see TriMet actually coming up with special routes used just by deadhead buses like a special 74D route that is routed from Tualatin via Tigard and Beaverton TC to Merlo, or a 49D route that is routed from Hillsboro via Willow Creek and Baseline Road to Merlo. (The "D" suffix would also serve as a reminder that the schedules would not be etched in stone, and likely published timetables would only say "service from Merlo Garage between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM, and from 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Service to Merlo Garage between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM, and from 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Buses are not scheduled and will operate when they return from their regular scheduled route."

Erik H. said...

The other issue I would have with this is that practically EVERY SINGLE OPERATOR on a 12, a 57, or any other route that has a long deadhead back from the end of its route would be in violation of this policy. I never see "GARAGE" buses making stops on the 12.

Maybe I should make copies of this and post them at all the stops ;-)

Anonymous said...

Operators MAY pick up or carry passengers...not MUST. C'mon Erik...that's not like you to miss about makin somethin over nothing..

Anonymous said...

Ya'll missed the operative word here...."MAY"....not shall or will....that leaves it at the Operators discretion just as customer service said....

Anonymous said...

Why was your friend riding to the end of the line anyway when that was not his destination? Why did he not take the correct bus(es) to his destination in the first place?

Anonymous said...

"Anon" July 11 3:50 pm

You missed it. Completely. You must be a bully in general. You write like one.

Al M said...

The word "MAY" is not something that allows operators to say NO.

If it were that way it would be defined clearly as "an operator is not required to take passengers on dead heads"

The word may in the context of this rule means operators should allow passengers on dead heads IF ITS ALONG THE ROUTE OF THE DEAD HEAD

Jason McHuff said...

The same is likely true on the 9 and possibly the 17

Nope. I know the former Merlo Garage Scheduler's run ends in downtown Portland and is out of Powell, and I'm pretty sure there's 17s that deadhead between Center and 136th Ave.

Also, I would have been fine being dropped off at a designated bus stop, and deadhead buses don't always go back to the garage. They can be used for trades, fills, bus bridges, etc. And, as I said, picking up everybody would add time and money. Not all operators want to keep making money.

Why was your friend riding to the end of the line anyway when that was not his destination? Why did he not take the correct bus(es) to his destination in the first place?

The 73 makes a loop at the end of the line. I got on at the far end of the loop and rode towards town to where the layover/last stop is.