Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ATU 757 responds to the executive bonanza

And Here’s a Note to You, Neil . . .                                                March 13, 2013

Your explanation today of extraordinary wage increases given to top management might play well for some of the media and public, but not for us. We know too much about what really goes on behind TriMet’s closed and guarded doors. For example,

∙           There is a tremendous difference between how administrative and lower-level managers are treated and rewarded and what your top-paid management “team” experiences.

∙           What we know is that many of our front line administrative and lower level managers get piddling raises, no respect from their bosses and stuck in the middle between dumb top management edicts and the workers’ rights under the labor agreement.

∙           What we know is that your top management team got horrendous raises as a reward for pushing TriMet’s capital project agenda even as the public outcry for service goes unheard.  They continue to be rewarded, as well, for micro-managing to such a degree that the organization has become dysfunctional at every level.

∙           What we know is that your claim of “no raises” is smoke and mirrors. What do you call it when you change a favorite’s job title to something high-falutin’ and that person gets more money for doing essentially the same job? We say, “Fool the public, fool the media but you are not fooling us.”

∙           Then there’s all those new, extra-ordinarily well-paid top managers you continue to hire. You can’t seem to hire enough of them. Don’t fool yourself. You can hide behind layers upon layers of well-paid bureaucrats but, at the end of the day, the buck is still going to land on your desk.

∙           And, finally, just who has fled TriMet’s management ranks because they weren’t getting paid enough during this recession?  We haven’t seen any competent managers leave for that reason. They generally tell us why they are leaving. They leave because they can no longer tolerate the incompetency, micro-management, backbiting and palace intrigue of those who are controlling the organization. Give us some names, Neil. Otherwise, save your P.R. talking points for the media.


Those Who Care About Our Passengers, Our Agency and Our Community

P.S. We know who works overtime and it isn’t top management. For the others, who “don’t get overtime pay” – that is a violation of wage and hour law unless TriMet proves certain criteria, not just that you are salaried and called “administrative.” For example, you must regularly exercise independent judgment and discretionary power, among other things.  Contact Wage and Hour at (971) 673-0761. They keep your inquiry confidential. It is a law violation to retaliate against someone for filing a claim. You may be owed up to two years in overtime pay.

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