Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lane on a twitter rant

3 windows open on this 9 to Gresham and the BO level is at toxic levels. This is not what I need

I think I'm on hour 29 of no sleep. So yes I'm a little on edge. But why the hell is everybody wanting every dam stop?

oh look! We pass one stop only to slam on the brakes for the following stop. Where's my plane ticket to LA?

6 people get off at 122nd while 15 get on at the CLOSED stop. Can people read?

and now someone with fruity perfume just got on. I'm gonna die before I get to Gresham guaranteed

here we go with the every dam stop on Powell. Slamming brakes and people shuffling while the bus is moving.

the perfume is making me sick. Really sick. And I think she's going to Gresham. Black hoodie with gold beads. I'm gonna die

I'm at Powell/170th and getting dizzy. Do I risk going to Gresham or waiting 20 min for the next 9?

now the smell of axe is fuming up the bus. Why? 

well the fruity perfume gal is getting off at 174th. Now its a battle between me and axe.

at 182nd and my stomach is doing back flips. Now I've got loud kids behind me. Will someone wake me up from this nightmare?

and the mom is feeding the kids candy. And its raining with the smell of electricity in the air. Who recreated Saw IV?

Now a 15 minute wait in the rain for my bus. At a fucking transit center! Cause the 21 isn't important!

at Gresham now. The 21 is a block away along with every other bus that comes here. Story of my life

okay, so line 21/39 driver left early from Gresham tc to get me home early. Thanks!

oh axe guy got on my brand new 21 with a 3000. And now the driver is having trouble with the ramp. What next?

the kid is still in the stroller. Talk about unsafe! Do you even care about safety?

transit cops are at 82nd max upper platform checking fares

Now I know why all these buses are packed tonight. Spring Break.

Your teen hangout tonight is 82nd & Stark. Brought to you by .

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