Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
So I get sent home from work yesterday and today I'm going to be a couple minutes late. Thanks trimet. I hate you.

Hella Trimet cops

That same 88 I rode to Beaverton tc on and was almost 8min early just left 2 min early from its layover. Wow.

Final early tally on my 88 tonight with an extraboard op? 7:45min early into Beaverton tc.

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.

75 bus flying down 32nd avenue going 15 over the limit and a headlight is broken, way to go

Okay Mexican lady on the line 20. I know you know you're in my personal bubble and there are other seats open

People on Trimet smell like straight shit.

Breh I'm getting car sick on this trimet bus.

Fucking tri-met I really don't need $20 in coins!

It's getting to the point where I can't ride without being harassed by Jehovah's Witnesses. I just want to commute to work :(

Just witnessed a crazy freestyle from some guy from Somalia while we were waiting for the bus. Thanks, TriMet.

Thanks trimet for passing me and Vanessa and making us walk from willow creek to my house....

Validator 135 is out of service at Millikan Way!

*TriMet* stupid phone.

same with fare policy. Long term solutions apart from police style checkpoints like one encounters in military states?

that system seems not well thought-out in that its easy to elude and take advantage of. What I am asking is: long term solutions?

I don't think there has been a single time I've caught the 14 in the last 3 mnths &it's been on time. I get delays, but what gives?!

nd I just had a fcked experience with Trimet,got on the right bus, it took us the opposite way.not cool.

you hurt my feelings.

Dude got on the 72 with a prop missle.

the same 6 people's tickets aren't going to expire within 30 seconds of the first time you sent a supervisor to check tickets so..

so why don't you spread your supervisors out instead of putting 6 on the same car to check people twice between the same stops.

just saying...since you have major "budget issues."

Oh and while you're at it, why don't you give your executives another raise, huh? Their families are probably strapped for cash.

all three of the ticket machines at sunset transit center are broken. 2 auto-cancel the transactions.

okay we've been here for like fifteen minutes and dude keeps going round the back to look at something in the engine

Oh wait dude called cops d/t dude with blood all over himself

Dude claimed home accident this am but hadn't cleaned himself up yet? Next bus came and driver flagged it down for us.

Thanks bus driver who honked like crazy at me; later realized I had dropped my work badge in the street - it was still there!

no, seriously, what is the problem tonight? Fuckit, I'm driving from now on.

what the fuck? Short train for rush hour???

None of the machines at Milikan way are working.

Another non-functioning ticket machine.


Wondering where your metal shop teacher went? he is now a TriMet toll inspector on the max

This bus really likes announcing what line it's on. Again. And again. And again.

Line 54 operator & riders helping another rider catch the right bus to get to his appt on time. Makes me smile.

122nd max station, the east ticket machine isn't accepting cards. Just goes straight to transaction canceled.

Had a scare yesterday with my pregnancy. I was getting of trimet when a impatient lady shoved me in my stomach:(,I had to rush home to

Winning the fucking lottery is more dependable and reliable than Trimet actually showing up on time or showing up at all.

the slowest parent with a stroller has just gotten off the bus. 90 seconds to get stroller and baby off.


what the fuck? Short train for rush hour???

Let's play count the disgusting skin conditions and productive coughs on trimet

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