Thursday, March 28, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
same with fare policy. Long term solutions apart from police style checkpoints like one encounters in military states?

Seriously FUCK trimet.

The bulk of shitty things that happen in my life lately are centered around Trimet.

Ugh. There are about a dozen empty seats on the max now. Do you have to sit right next to me lady? You smell funky.

I really hate those old Trimet buses. You cannot focus on anything aboard those buses. You can't even read anything either

Almost thought there would be no rant today, now that I'm on the max there's a screaming child, a drunk bum & no room to breath. Joy

I was just called on . Not my given name, but I've been called worse.

Since I haven't went on a Twitter rant in some time now, here it goes: I wish people would stop eating their meals on Trimet

I told someone today I felt like I was living under 2 moons, then saw a passenger reading 1 . is surrounding me!

"ugh I'm getting too old for this job," says operator driving bus 77.

Guy on the bus just asked a bunch of teens if they're Native American.

A single-car Max at rush hour? Must be the . Guess I'll wait another 12 minutes.

This bus smells like cat litter

cracking down on Fares today!

this bus smells like Ganga #14

MAX drivers need to look at the doors before berating riders for holding them open. An older guy was trying to get down the stairs.

Can Trimet come any faster.

Ah the fertile reek of ripening humans in spring, far too many trip from the branch far too soon and too late.

Loud phone talkers on long trimet bus rides <

Hey . Next time y'all get new MAX cars, please include more hanging space for bikes. There are 8 bikes in this car alone!

if trimet is driving faster then you... then you drive like a gma 👎

DISGUSTING. Max car #107-condom stuck to seat.

On bus no. 6 downtown, Jantzen Beach bound, and it smells like stale feces.

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.

Trimet drivers have problems staying on the right side of the road. How did you people get your drivers license it's beyond me.

20 just left 28th & Burnside 4 mins early. Waiting for the crosswalk and waving, didn't bother looking or waiting.

Some of these trimet drivers are big time dickheads. Believe me, I'd rather not use transit for an hour ride that takes 20 minutes by car.

westbound train #119 6pm conductor shift change at Elmonica. Is this a joke? What the hell????

These new Trimet busses got me feeling like I'm in New York.... Don't know why exactly .-

Dear for love of Zeus would you either fix the monitor @ NE 11 & Multnomah or at least put stop ID on the stop? Broken for months

Let's play count the disgusting skin conditions and productive coughs on trimet

delays on the make me late for work & my coworker serves up a load of bullshit first thing in the morning.

Mechanic truck to the rescue of one of 's buses

Damnit . Transit tracker is down again. Only showing 'scheduled as' times

is TransitTracker broken?

S Lents tix station is still not working. I’ve seen service trucks here two days running. Hasn’t worked reliably for weeks.

I'm on a blue line that doesn't exist, it isn't on the app or the reader boards. Woo its a phantom train.

Trains are late. No word from as usual.

601 bus 2645 10-7 12/Columbia, check engine + battery lights.

last month of taking the bus. I'm selling out Trimet sorry

TriMet must be following me on Twitter and they're just like no, fuck that kid

On the max listening to people that reek of pot talking about mugging police and buying new SMGs. Stay classy, riders.

Lol I really hate trimet drivers, I would go off on her if I knew they wouldn't kick me off

Big delays WB Red & Blue MAX from PDX Eastside First time Type 3 without air system

Not only is the dog NOT a service dog, but it's put in it's own seat on a crowded 12. time for ADA dog permits "honored canines"

4 bus driver losing his mind?

just witnessed the doors of car 003 on the A side almost take off a dog's head! MLK/Stark!

The Portland trimet bus I just saw has ads for Seattle plastered all over it! Wtf? Ads for Portland please!

Dear guy "C walking" on the platform. Please stop. I'm embarrassed for you.

on bus #2525 the back led thing that says what line # the bus is, it's strobing and is all jumbled. Just letting you know.

Oh geez. Just had the Portland version of PSY get on this 77. Amazing. cc

If Portland Streetcars had license plates, they should all say YMI-SLO.


Just discovered that apparently TriMet drivers have the option of wearing a kilt instead of pants.

Seriously, who is in charge of trimet? They really need to make this stuff a bit simpler. I feel so dumb

Two jerks smoking at bus stop # 208. I walked to the stop before it so I could breathe. Grumble grumble.

I hate trimet

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