Saturday, March 30, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
DISGUSTING. Max car #107-condom stuck to seat.

Well frag. Baggage took long and I have missed the last train by 4 minutes. 4. Hunky cop encourages cab. (@ trimet)

Trimet be slumpin niggas

Gang violence at Parkrose/Sumner is ridiculous. You Need more officers here. I have now seen gang fights 2 days in a row. 

Got a warrant for trimet Smh.

Always a fun moment when some guy looks very worried when a sheriff's deputy happens to board the bus.

Who gave these pre-teens so much sugar? I think they might break something. They're cray.

1.65$ for a 3 hour bus ticket. Trimet has life SO fucked up!

One of the new bus ticket machines being used on line 10 today. Passenger asks "how much did I pay for that?"

Wow this TriMet bus doesn't smell like piss and body odor!

Bus 1624 is creaking and groaning so much, it sounds like it could fall apart right here and now.

ticket machines broken at Gateway.

Do you instruct your MAX operators to take off when someone is running and 5 feet from the door?

fuuuuuuuck trimet. I felt so bad

Bus 8 heading forward dekum never showed..thanks#trimet

Dear trimet. Please die in a fire. Thanks.

Trying to use the system to plan a route is hilarious. They have me waiting 13 minutes for a 2nd bus. To go 6 blocks.

Crazy that Trimet is running the AC for the commute home. So warm out, and it's still March.

Today is one of those days I really hate . This now will mess up my whole commute. I guess I just better hope the next train shows up

Really hate when I'm trying to reproduce a bug and I accidentally fix it but don't know why. I should work for TriMet

Trimet fucked me

Well I couldn't find the place where I was supposed to do community service for the trimet ticket I got.

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.

Something about bus lighting makes everyone look like a sad junkie #

I don't ride for fun. It's transportation. Keep to your published schedule! Another train ending @ galleria. Wtf?

if I worked 4 u, would u be Ok w/ me regularly arriving 20-60 minutes late because of my transportation? I don't think so.

Two out of service blues, one red, one out of sevice yellow (?!) galleria. Thanks for ruining my evening

Oh wait there it is. Trimet is so frustrating sometimes

Believing that buses will arrive on time is as foolish as believing in the Easter Bunny.

I honestly hate trimet!

Had to report a highly intoxicated, bleeding man to trimet officials because he was harassing a group of teenage girls.

These TriMet cops are acting like it's September 11 up in here. Gentlemen relax; I'm sure the kid with the obscenity-laced t shirt has tix

Overheard on a Trimet bus. "Let's go to the strip club, where a dollar goes a long way."

I hate you I pay $100 a month for you to be late every effing time! I'm sitting here with a white girl w/ a "Mexican" accent. D:

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