Wednesday, March 27, 2013


There is nothing 'positive' in a war
One of the criticisms I  often get is that I am too 'negative'.
Well ya! It's hard to be positive when my former employer employer is trying to starve me to death while the people responsible for starving me to death are getting rich.
It's hard to stay positive when my former employer LIED TO ME about my retirement benefits.
It's hard to stay positive when I saw the suffering thrust upon my riders while I was working there by  faceless bureaucrats.
There is nothing positive about this situation, this is a war, a war for peoples minds.
And for one lonely guy sitting in a room, aided by some other lonely guys in their rooms, and one not so lonely girl, I think we have made a dent in Trimet's propaganda machine.
And we are up against a billion dollar government funded agency and some high priced executives!
The lonely guys have not been defeated as of this day!

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Al M said...

A little background on the 'lonely guys'.
During the high profile blog war several years back with BikePortland one of the bloggers there said I was a "lonely guy in a room".
I loved that and have used it since!