Friday, March 29, 2013

What shall we do with the old Trimet buses


Erik H. said...

What a shame. Those buses have some good parts that should have been removed. And being that this is Portland, "recycling" should be key here. The window glass can be reused. The electrical wiring can be removed and salvaged. The seats can be removed; the plastic and aluminum separated and recycled. The mechanical components all can be removed and reused (axles, transmission, engine).

At that point you'd have nothing but the frame and body itself that could be crushed down and sent to Schnitzer Steel for melting down and turning into rebar at Cascade Steel in McMinnville. (Or sold to China.)

Those buses might no longer be good for transit service, but that video shows a lot of waste...

Jason McHuff said...

Well that video is not of a TriMet bus. I believe TriMet is salvaging and reusing parts where necessary, and that they auction off the retired buses.