Thursday, March 28, 2013

The streetcar inside the building was NOT 'FOUND'

 Shameless propaganda!
This is posted on the MLR web site:

Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project The car was actually very evident inside of the building—in fact, it was a famous component of the diner. The owner of the historical photograph and map business, History Image, and other building tenants over the years were aware of the car being embedded in the building.

Thanks to RYAN MISHLER for noticing this


Al M said...

I love the way they plastered the Trimet Logo on there!

Unknown said...

What was the name of that diner? I ate there in the 70's. They had great breakfasts.

Al M said...

Brooklyn Diner

Jason McHuff said...

The TriMet logo is showing through from the garage across the street

Al M said...

What are you talking about Jason?

Jason McHuff said...

The TriMet logo you see is the one that is on the south side of the Center Garage maintenance building facing Holgate Street. It was not "plastered" on the streetcar or photo. And they would have used the current logo if they did.