Thursday, October 24, 2013

On October 14th Lane Jensen recorded this interview with me

And on October 17th he was arrested. In this interview he explains what he is doing and why he is doing it. So I put it to you, was Lane's actions intentional harassment or unintentional stupidity brought on by ignorance of the law.

harassment (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail ("I'll stop bothering you, if you'll go to bed with me"). The victim may file a petition for a "stay away" (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker. (See: harass, sexual harassment)

§ 166.090¹
Telephonic harassment
(1) A telephone caller commits the crime of telephonic harassment if the caller intentionally harasses or annoys another person:
(a) By causing the telephone of the other person to ring, such caller having no communicative purpose;
(b) By causing such other persons telephone to ring, knowing that the caller has been forbidden from so doing by a person exercising lawful authority over the receiving telephone; or
(c) By sending to, or leaving at, the other persons telephone a text message, voice mail or any other message, knowing that the caller has been forbidden from so doing by a person exercising lawful authority over the receiving telephone.
(2) Telephonic harassment is a Class B misdemeanor.

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Al M said...

Affidavits filed at the court contend the aggrieved party is 'scared' for her 'safety'.
Does this look like a man to be scared of? A man hell bent on getting evil satisfaction from harassment?

He also clearly shows that the texts are coming from his phone yet the police state seized his computer.