Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Trimet co-workers:  There's a file in your personnel records called ERC. It's a list of comments and interactions with Supervisors.  You have to go through public records then pay a fee. Mine was $19.23. Kinda a bullshit thing right there having to pay for yer own file.  Nevertheless, I suggest everyone get a copy, make sure you're sitting down, have a bottle of booze or some good sedatives handy.  I don't drink anymore but did do in a chocolate bar. :)  My guess is they're counting on the fact we won't know of it's existence so they say some pretty horrendous things, things that aren't true, conversations that never happened.  

Bullying and Corporate Psychopaths at Work

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Al M said...

This woman just amazes me. I've been watching her for a very long time now.

For years we were pals

Then we were arch enemies for two straight years and ended up in court against each other twice.

It appears that the war we were fighting is now over, not positive about that but that's what it feels like.

What amazes me is that I actually survived the war with her.

As you can see she is tenacious and you can't win against her, not ever.