Wednesday, October 30, 2013


During my 15 years at Trimet I met some remarkable people. There were two executives that were working at Trimet while I did and I admire both of them. My favorite was Peggy Hansen, and my second was Steve Banta. Funny how fast Trimet plunged straight down the hill when they both departed.

Peggy has come out to express support for Lane, it's typical Peggy, she was never afraid to speak her mind .

Al and Bob(Nelson)--

I hope this finds you both well and congratulations Bob on your return to TriMet!

I just read today about the arrest of Lane Jensen. I felt strongly compelled to contact you.. I was completely dismayed by the arrest.

I have always recognized the extreme level of Mr. Jensen's verbiage and reporting of TriMet events, but, I have always admired Mr. Jensen's real passion for transit and his pure insistence regarding accountability.

Mr. Jensen as well must be accountable in his actions, I agree. However, an arrest of Mr. Jensen in his workplace conducted by TriMet PPD, seizure of his property, and a ban? It strikes me as nothing short of an extreme defensive action by TriMet.

I recall clearly a TriMet environment that valued public discourse and disagreement that was open, transparent and accountable. The arrest and action to Mr. Jensen and the subsequent media comments today (WW) are absent of any level of transparency--the PIO's comments are offensive and disingenuous.

I and many public citizens regularly follow transit journalists with various backgrounds; this indeed includes Mr. Jensen, as well as Joe Rose, Al Margulies, and Portland Transport. Each of these individuals provide a unique perspective of transit issues within the Portland Metro area. TriMet is a remarkable and dynamic agency that relies on strong public support and respectful communication.

I urge you to contemplate this recent action and consider intervention that provides an open and respectful forum of communication and participation between Mr. Jensen and TriMet.

Peggy Hanson

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