Thursday, October 31, 2013



Jason McHuff said...

It was done in a private parking lot and not on public streets

Al M said...

The law is the law Jason

punkrawker4783 said...

Jason is right Al, as long as the bus never leaves the base and enters public domain, theres no violation. If something happens, its TriMets insurance they'll have to answer to.

Thats why if you park in a parking lot, the rules and fines will be different than street parking, because the laws apply to the street, not the private lot who would have their own set of regs.

@nonpartisantoo said...

For better or worse, Jason and punkrawker4783 are correct. If you own a lot and you want to let your unlicensed 10 year old drive on it, there's nothing the state can do because it's private property.

But what is the correct CFR? I look up "49 CFR 393.30" and get regulations about battery installation.

A quick look, you might be thinking of 49 CFR 392.62, "No person shall drive a bus and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a person to drive a bus unless (a) All standees on the bus are rearward of the standee line or other means prescribed in sect. 393.90 of this subchapter;" (10-01-2012 edition)

Al M said...

I knew that I was just waiting for Jason to jump on it but didn't expect everybody else to to it!LOL!