Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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always roaming said...

I'm not sure if this question has been clarified so excuse me for asking again if it has. Was the cell phone that Lane was texting to the actual personal phone of Altstadt or the "personal" phone being supplied to her and paid for by Trimet? Most PIOs or managers in general at public agencies will have agency-issued phones because they conduct a lot of agency business on the go and/or need to be contacted both during business hours or after-hours in an emergency.

I assume Altstadt, especially, would be on-call just about 24/7 to respond to newsworthy events that may happen at any time during the day or night. Therefore, I have to believe that the cell phone number she gives to those internally is to a company-issued phone. This may even apply to the others that Lane was sending the auto-texts.

If so, it lends even more credence to the fact that there is an inherent "right" to use those phone numbers in the manner which he did. A strictly personal number that Altstadt uses for family and friends may be one thing but a phone issued and paid for by Trimet does not give her the same privacy quotient.

I really hope that Lane will get the best legal representation possible and fight these charges on every level. Can you give me the link to the post, blog entry, or website where the address to his legal fund is posted? I may want to contribute something but I'd also like to know who is representing him and some of the attorney's credentials before doing so. Thanks.

Al M said...

We are not really sure what the phone is classified. The point is he never threatened Aldstedt, its all trumped up

Al M said...

Oh yea no legal fund yet but thats a great idea!

HRSRampantLion said...

Excellent bit, Al. Thanks. I'll chip in to a defense fund for the guy. Please keep us posted.

always roaming said...

I guess my point was that if it is an agency-issued phone (one that is supplied and paid for by TriMet), should Altstadt even be able to ask that she not be called? She should have either ignored the texts or blocked the phone number in which they were coming from. After the first auto-text, she should have responded back to Lane with the standard canned response of "TriMet is actively investigating the incident in question and is diligently reviewing the agency's security procedures in order to to keep our employees and the public safe. The safety of our operators and the public in general is of paramount importance to us. We appreciate your concern and will keep you and our riders fully informed of the progress we are making towards your concerns."

After that response (yes, all bullshit, of course), she should have just ignored each of the subsequent auto texts and/or blocked Lane's number.

That's how I would have handled it. No arrogant bullying involved or police needed but just a subdued and professional response.

You're making a six-figure salary, Ms Alstadt, deal with it. And deal with it in a professional manner. That's what you are being paid the big bucks for, after all. You should be able to take a bit of irritation in exchange for that kind of salary.

Now if that was in fact her personal cell phone that she uses for family and friends, then I believe that perhaps Lane should not have used auto-texting and Altstadt may have the legal right to insist that he not contact her on that number. If it is indeed a TriMet supplied cell phone, then have at it ...Lane should have requested that we all text those numbers asking for answers to his concerns. JMO.

Al M said...

All she had to do was block him. But that's not what 'they' wanted to do. They most definitely wanted the outcome they got