Friday, October 25, 2013


Which is also known as 'transit oriented development' and its almost a religion in the Portland area. Although Portland likes to think of itself as thinking this up its actually thought up by some much bigger central planners than we have here in the peoples republic of Portlandia. The money to pull off this grand design all comes from big daddy the federal government so that should give you some idea of the type of top policy makers that are involved with this.

Basically here is the idea, you "pack em" into vehicles that can pack as many humans as possible into it.
Light rail fits the bill for the 'pack em' philosophy since buses cant pack as many humans into a small space as a light rail vehicle can. Light rail is accomplished using eminent domain power of the government demolishing whatever is in its way.

The you "stack them" into these types of properties that are developed along these rail lines. Here in Portland most of the properties that have been developed in NW Portland were homes before the were demolished by developers. Developers who by the way make a tidy fortune in this process.

Big long rows of these types of buildings fit the 'stack em' scheme of transit oriented development.

After all this is accomplished multiple fortunes are made by those involved with  the construction, and there is plenty of construction contracts with nice profit margins built into them for the principals.

And there will be places like Wal-Mart on the rail lines for the human cattle to work, its all about herding the humans
into places to work and live

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