Monday, August 11, 2014

2 1/2 hours later, TriMet makes it official

By 3:20 PM, TriMet Customer Service star manager Ed Rosney and what sounds like Mary Fetsch were having riders be informed that the MAX Red Line would only be running between Gateway TC and Portland Airport tomorrow:
08-11-14 15-19-08 Customer Service radio.mp3
08-11-14 15-19-17 Customer Service radio 17183.mp3

It took until around 5:00 PM for an e-mail/RSS blast and tweet to be sent out:
Service Alert: Update to TriMet service during Lloyd District trackway construction project

UPDATE: 8/12-8/15, MAX Red Line trains will not run between Lloyd Center and Gateway. Learn about travel options at

Also, on the disruption information Web page:
Red Line riders:
For trips toward Portland City Center and Beaverton, get off at Gateway Transit Center and transfer to a Blue or Green Line train. Get off at Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX Station and board a shuttle bus to the Rose Quarter area. At Rose Quarter MAX Station, board a Blue or Red Line train to continue your trip toward Beaverton.

If you need to transfer to a Green or Yellow Line train, catch the shuttle to Interstate Rose Quarter MAX Station. TriMet staff will direct you to the correct shuttle bus. There is a stop located at NE Multnomah and Grand for connections to Line 6-ML King Jr Blvd.
This information isn't correct for riders who normally board the Red Line at 82nd, 60th or Hollywood, and many may not know that those were/are considered first and foremost Blue Line stations.  In addition, the second paragraph should note that there are no Green Line trains west of Lloyd Center.

Lastly, the page should note that riders who normally board the Green Line on the mall can also walk to the Blue and Red Lines as they will have to transfer anyways and service on the mall will be less frequent.

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