Friday, August 22, 2014

I love the Trimet boats!


Anonymous said...

QUESTIONS; Who owns the TILIKUM CROSSING bridge? Who will maintain it? Who will protect it? Who is liable
for injury of any kind if it is found to be caused from the Bridge?

Al M said...

Ya know that's a damn good question!

Max said...

1) TriMet
2) TriMet, or more likely contractors of TriMet
3) Who protects any of the bridges? PPS? the FBI?
4) Depends on the situation.

Anonymous said...

BRUCE , You would think that the union should have something in the contract about who should be doing the maintenance of the bridge if it is own by TRIMET.

Max said...

TriMet has other bridges already; they just don't go over water -- ex: the elevated MAX structures near Gateway, near IKEA, on the yellow-line near Denver ave (?).

I doubt TriMet has any people that are capable of checking for stress cracks, etc on those structures.