Sunday, August 31, 2014

TriMet Operations Command Center

How do you keep track of 600+ transit buses, 52 train sets, and 330,000 rides per day spread over 534 square miles? PIVOT is helping TriMet answer that question!

Working closely with an extended owner team, PIVOT helped develop designs for an Operations Command Center (OCC) as part of the complete renovations to the Center Street Operations Center. The OCC features a command room with a 31 foot long video wall displaying the full rail system with real time train locations and track controls. The floor is stepped to allow 2 rows of Rail Control Operators to see the overview display. Operating 24 x 7, consoles adapt to the changing ergonomics of 3 shifts per day with power operated height adjustment of work surfaces and monitor racks.

Room acoustics and lighting were carefully designed to support workers need for concentration and clear communications. An advanced touch screen radio system allows communication with all or selected groups of operators, security staff, and City police and fire. There are over 1,100 CCTV cameras in the system which can be viewed on shared displays visible to every one in the center or at individual consoles.

The new facility includes a training center, Emergency Operations Center, data center, and supporting activities. PIVOT Architecture - Work in Progress -TriMet Operations Command Center

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