Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transit executive corruption

Massive positive publicity about the Utah Transit agency by all the usual transit publications touting all their 'accomplishments'. Turns out its a cesspool of crony corruption. 
Audit blasts UTA, says it gave millions in sweetheart deals | The Salt Lake Tribune

Makes one wonder about the billions of dollars going through Trimet. Nobody really has the slightest idea how all that money gets spent. I would love to see a forensic audit of all the money that has gone through Trimet and where it exactly ended up, in who's pockets. Portland is  one party rule  and that party has all the levels of government as well as the mainstream media in its pocket so we never get a look into how any of the money actually gets spent and who gets it.

People like Mcfarlane take a look at the robbery being committed at the UTA and thinks he's underpaid. TRANSIT TALENT has performed its own transit salary  market survey. Transit Talent is an independent unaligned to any individual transit authority.Trimet executives want to do their own of course because Transit Talent shows that Trimet executives are already above the average. (not including the thieves like UTA's Allegra)

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