Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is Trimet really the only transit agency that uses sports events to entrap riders for fares?

So is the allegation which comes from people that have knowledge about these things. It's true I have never heard of this sort of fare action in other cities. There was an interesting comment about that:

I do find it interesting. I don't think it's the cash cow it once was when the big push for code was made 3 years ago. Besides, we can make a MUCH BETTER impression on the visiting team's fans by show casing our great system, not welcoming them to Portland by corralling them thru gates like cattle and citing them $175 because they don't understand our system of fares. IMO, we are missing out on a great PR opportunity. Funny thing is, the people that complain about the gates the most are the ones who HAVE their fares! Need to rethink our approach with some of that transparency and employee involvement that the state was promised.

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