Friday, August 29, 2014

Bizzare Trimet incident

The driver of bus 4/02 was asked to check out the condition of a bus along highway 30 at 1:30am. It turned out the bus was badly damaged and apparently abandoned. What happened to the operator of the damaged bus? The rumor is she was found wandering down highway 30 incoherent

Trimet bus is crashed and the operator gone missing from al m on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

1:30am driver fell asleep?

Al M said...

That's definitely a possibility

Anonymous said...

is possible she taken some medication, since she was an incoherent or fell asleep and from impact become an incoherent

who said this job is easy? i think transit should have only spring/summer schedule and fall/winter schedule six months each crews

always roaming said...

Al, I know I don't have to ask this but please post more of this incident as you find out more details. I'm curious as to what happened. This is something that Trimet will definitely want to keep from the public so it probably won't be picked up by the general media. Thanks.

Al M said...

I got a tip that this incident occurred then went to our dispatch library to confirm. This is all I got and I know for certain there is no way Trimet will elaborate on any of the details. They have something called "PUBLIC RECORDS EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE" and they roll that out whenever they want to keep things secret.

When I make the accusation that Trimet is probably the most secretive transit district in the country I mean that literally, as someone who watches transit from around the country and the world.
Trimet is the most paranoid of all of them.

The reason for that should be obvious. They have successfully created the 'myth' that somehow Trimet is better than everywhere else. Anybody who's been anywhere else (for more than just a visit) knows that claim is ludicrous. Trimet is a nice little system for Portland proper, world class its not.

They don't want any information being decimated that will create an alternate image. They especially don't want the public to know how awful driving a bus can be at times,

always roaming said...

Yeah, I completely understand that Trimet themselves will not release details of the incident but because of your network of contacts, some of whom still work for Trimet, I would think somebody working there, especially an operator, would know what happened. Things like this quickly circulate around the bullpen. From experience, I know that's the case.

Al M said...

That's how I even got the initial information. I don't think any operators actually know what happened and there is no way to pry the information out from anybody.

Supervisors and station agents would get fired if they gave that info out.