Friday, August 29, 2014

More reasons to drive

I found no information anywhere as to why this transit center is being destroyed and remodeled.


Jason McHuff said...
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Jason McHuff said...


The station, which opened in 1998, is in need of essential updates including replacing the platforms. Due to water drainage issues the existing grout that secured the platform tiles to the platform is washing away. The new platform will be more durable. Crews will also be making adjustments to the grade of the platforms and installing the foundations for the future e-fare system.

From page 145 of (which also has damage pictures and other info):

Platform surfaces at Sunset Transit Center are pavers mortared to a concrete base. Failure appears to be a result of lack of below surface drainage combined with impacts of using de‐icing chemicals plus unit construction that transfer train vibration to the platform. The surface is sloped toward the track and pavers are slowly migrating into the trackway. To address the problem the pavers and mortar must be removed, drainage issues addressed and the surface rebuilt. Construction to begin towards end of FY2014 with bulk of work summer of 2015 to be completed prior to PMLR opening. Budget updated from FY13/14 due to better information about potential temporary service requirements (bus bridges) to support construction.

Max said...

That plan also says that Powell-Division will be BRT.

Jason McHuff said...

That second document also says that Washington Park station was not designed for cleaning and will also have to be redone