Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Horror on the MAX

It was very early this morning (Saturday) so the Max was not packed. There were maybe 10 passengers total. The guy boarded the train and I noticed him because he had a pillow and blankets and I thought that was odd. He started folding his blankets and then moved to another seat and settled in. I saw him stand up and stretch and he had an erection.
He started walking towards me and was asking everybody if they had a dollar. When he got to me, I just shook my head and he kept walking. When he got to the front of the train, he turned back to me and started complimenting my looks, outfit, hair, etc. Then he grabbed his junk and shook it in my face and said that he "had a big one for me". I jumped up and went to the front of the car to find the emergency button. A lady was in front of it and I told her I needed her to push the call button. The train approached the platform and stopped, the doors opened and the driver asked what was wrong. I told her and she radioed for help. The guy walked to the back of the car and sat back down. The driver came through the doors and asked where he was. The other passengers started pointing at him and the driver went to him and confronted him. The guy then started screaming obscenities and lunged past the driver to run towards me and was yelling "I'm gonna get you bitch". The other passengers started standing up and got in his way. One of the passengers that had gotten off the trained yelled that the guy was trying to attack me and people on the platform started yelling for me to get off the train. I ran off the train and the guy started running back and forth on the train screaming. He then ran off the train after me and another lady screamed "You're not touching her!" and put herself between me and him. Other people on the platform then started doing the same. As he was trying to make his way through the people, I got back on the train and started yelling for them to please shut the doors. He then took off down the street. The Trimet supervisor had arrived by then and followed the guy. The police were able to find him and he was arrested. 
 A big "thank you" to the people that came to my rescue today. : Portland

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