Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Internal strife cripping ATU757-part 2

You may recall that last May I did a post about INTERNAL STRIFE at the union. Well there is an update to that story.
 ATU International has ruled that Bruce Hansen has the power to terminate the contract with Ron Heintzman
Apparently there continues to be officers who refuse to acknowledge the international as final arbitrator in the issue of Ron. 
And members wonder why we are getting no decent representation from the union, they are too busy fighting with each other.


Anonymous said...

It is no secret there is bad blood between Heintzman and Hanley. Who knows what it is between Hansen and Heintzman. So when Hansen is outnumbered he runs to Hanley and uses the bad blood to get his way? Really?

Regardless of what the issues are, the executive board members were voted in office to represent members from their respective properties. If they vote against what Hansen wants then Hansen should respect their vote.

It sounds like a dictatorship at ATU757 and Hansen wants his way. His way is also willing to give away our wages, health care, and pensions too.

More wins for Trimet and all the other properties ATU757 represents.

Al M said...

The officers and the president need to get their shit together. Hanson hired Heintzman he should be able to fire him. There can only be one strong voice at the table. Heintzman lost. He should leave.

Anonymous said...

There's a dispute between the President and the executive board.
So who has the final say?
The international ruled on this that should be the end of it.
This is like Heintzman trying to throw out the international election results.
He's a bad loser and he is a power addict. Why can't he just leave gracefully?
I'll tell you why, he doesn't know how to do anything gracefully, he's an ex union boss

Henry Beasley said...

ANYONE that interferes with members getting a fair contract should drawn and quartered, don't care who it is.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Hanson was a moron to ever hire Ron. Did Obama go out and hire Romney when he beat him...Hell No why would you ever hire somebody who does not like you. John Cunt hates Bruce and so does Secretary treasurer. So for this Bruce you are a moron

Al M said...

I thought that hiring Heintzman was probably a good idea since he had experience in thee contract negotiations.

Unfortunately it appears his ego got in the way

Jeffrey ackerson said...

If any of you believe that Bruce ran to anyone our from anyone should get there head examined.the supporters of our former presidents are not going to stop until they are satisfied with the destruction of our current president
And all he stands for as a person.