Saturday, July 28, 2012


TriMet must expand service while trimming costs

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Anonymous said...

I disagree the article desribes whining about ATU; the group offers it's support with a stipulation that TriMet managers get their "fiscal house in order."

This could mean, to this reader, coming to the table to JOIN ATU leadesrship in finding short and long term solutions to the immediate health care, working conditons, and benefit programs affecting retirees.

There are many ample and good health and wellness programs beside Kaiser and Blue Cross...seems to this reader exploring these programs is a priority..cost and type of coverage is critical--giving employees a choice is important.

Delegate a community member (rider) and an ATU member to the Board. This confident action would reflect that TriMet truly does place a high value on inclusiveness and transparancy.

I think TriMet would have to reach out to external leaders to sit with and break bread with ATU leaders; there is simply and sadly no existing TriMet GM or manager with any credilbilty nor do they possess the needed skills. Walsh comes to mind, Katz, even Mayor Adams.

ATU members understand and desire, perhaps more than anyone, how critically important it is to build and sustain a strong transit network which highlights superior bus services connecting people and communties with MAX, PSC, jobs, school, work, and life activites. They are ready and willing---they simply do not react well to deception by their employer.

The editorial authors are advocates not for one side or the other, but, for the entire agency.