Saturday, July 28, 2012


We met with TriMet re the Mercer enrollment audit. Although we disagree, at this time we are encouraging our members to participate by submitting the appropriate paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Not a good sign for what is ahead..

Al M said...

Agreed- we are losing every battle.

Anonymous said...

"We" are caught in the Hunt vacum of doing nothing, "We" need to unify, the company knows, this would thwart anything they do. Leadership needs to get going and communicate with it's members in real-time. Just ask yourself, "when are "we" going to fight", some of "us" have been asking for something since 09, from Hunt and he ignored, "us". But all is not lost, this "is" nothing, the contract "is" the real fight...some of "us" know this. At least "we" are working on "this" issue, right now...someone has to...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

"Despair is not an option "(Thom Hartmann). STAYING POSITIVE, STAYING TUNED IN, and STAYING TOGETHER means STAYING STRONG! That's what SOLIDARITY comes down to.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Hansen:

Where the hell are you? Light it up, get strategic, visible and solicit credible and influential

It has to change..the silence and lack of strategic organization. File all the ULPs you desire..but, that is invisible.

Were you at the last Board Meeting? Have you issued a media alert?