Friday, June 22, 2012



Anonymous said...

Given this is a major safety violation, we are certain the $100K Safety Director is on his moped driving to the scene. Hope he is wearing his helment, that safety arm could come down on his head.

Al M said...

Haha! That comment is hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Before the signal and track department were cut in half by placing half the crew on midnites, this problem would have been fixed very quickly.Having all of MOW report to Ruby creates situations like this because respondents may live in Hillsboro and would have to drive to Ruby to get a truck and punch in , then drive to Hillsboro, Repair the problem then return to Ruby , punch out then go home to Hillsboro. Since the MOW office was closed at Elmonica, this is going to happen all the time.What used to take a short time to repair now takes hours because of all the wasted driving time. Good idea!!