Saturday, June 30, 2012

King Tut comes to Portland

(Disclaimer: Yes, I was breaking the law. I was trespassing on railroad and City property without authorization. So sue me. No, I didn't have anyone run up and prevent me from going here. Thank God. Nor did the two people who were working here (including the fueling guy) seem to care that I was taking pictures. The fueling guy just turned his back to me...that's fine I didn't need him in the picture but he had a job to do so I wasn't about to tell him to move, I just got what I wanted, he's doing what he needed to do, and frankly he seemed a little interested at the wrap too. So if I show up on the Steel Bridge spy cam, yes, I was there.)


Al M said...

What the heck is this?

Erik H. said...

Why, it's an Amtrak F59PHI locomotive. Decorated to advertise the King Tut exhibition currently underway at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

(In other words, OMSI, but about 10,395 times better.)

Al M said...

Oh shit, so the train was just going through Portland?
You just happened to be there?

Erik H. said...

It's assigned to Amtrak Cascades service, so it'll be in Portland almost every day. I just happened to drive north on Naito and saw it at Union Station. But Amtrak cycles its trainsets and locomotives so that each trainset will end up running on every single schedule in a matter of I believe three or four days.