Thursday, June 28, 2012


Bruce gets Hammered by Lars

Post by on June 28, 2012 1:07:53 PM EDT
@LarsLarsonShow LARS LARS LARS- sometimes you disappoint me!
Your logic comparing us with school bus drivers is flawed, the two jobs are completely different! School bus drivers don't deal with the public, they deal with KIDS! Non volatile kids. NO DRUNKS, NO DOPERS, NO GANG BANGERS. NO 10 HOUR SHIFTS! SUMMERS OFF! The two jobs are not comparable!
Who deserves what Lars? Does the CEO 'deserve' $10 million a year just because he can get it? Does MILWAUKIE LIGHT RAIL deserve to be built at $250 MILLION DOLLARS A MILE!
Trimet drivers pay is average for the industry, our health care is above average. NOBODY EXPECTED HEALTH CARE COSTS TO ZOOM OUT OF CONTROL! Maybe that needs to be changed but so do other MANAGEMENT ASPECTS AT TRIMET. Trimet is not going down because of the union employees, its going down due to poor management.

There are always people that will work for less, Hell move everything to China and pay $1/day.

LARS, YOU GOTTA OPEN YOUR MIND, even just a little!
(and I'm a fan of yours)

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