Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trimet budget crisis update

Contract Administrator IIINon-Union Regular Full-Time$4,876.25 - $7,314.25 Monthly07/08/12
Deputy General CounselNon-Union Regular Full-Time$8,080.33 - $12,120.25 MonthlyContinuous
Field Outreach & Community Relations Rep...Non-Union Regular Full-Time$12.91 - $18.39 Hourly07/10/12
IT Systems AnalystNon-Union Regular Full-Time$5,314.75 - $7,972.08 MonthlyContinuous
Part-time Bus OperatorUnion MRO$13.83 - $25.13 HourlyContinuous
Planner IINon-Union Regular Full-Time$4,223.25 - $6,015.00 Monthly07/13/12
Property Acquisition & Relocation Specia...Non-Union Regular Full-Time$4,876.25 - $7,314.25 MonthlyContinuous


Anonymous said...

I heard Sam Adams was applying...

Anonymous said...

Think of the possibilities!

Sam Adams-General Manager
Al Margulies- Communications Director
Steve Fung- PIO & Director of Marketing
Phil Knight- Director of Finance

punkrawker4783 said...

Now THERES a line up!