Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The real scoop of the latest baby bus incident

Ok here is the REAL SCOOP, can’t tell you how I know it but it’s true.
The woman got on the bus with her 3 kids and sat down.
After a few minutes the driver asked to see the fares.
One of the kids went up with some VERY expired transfers.
Claudine told her that they were no good and she needed to pay fare.
The woman went nuts on Claudine.
Another man inside the bus intervened on the side of Claudine. The woman went nuts on him. He somehow got a cop to come over and take control of the situation.
The cops got the situation under control and asked Claudine if would take the mom to Forest Grove.
Claudine said no, the police then removed the woman off the bus and took her to where she needed to go.
Additionally, after the last incident Claudine was checked ride over and over. She was also had secret riders check on her over and over. All the reports on her behavior were positive.


Anonymous said...

Did the operator call dispatch to report the incident??? This is required and clearly defined in her SOP.

Anonymous said...

Claudine is unemployed

Al M said...

I never did find the dispatch call.
If she didnt call it in she's toast.