Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ever wonder what happens when you submit your safety concern

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Anonymous said...

What TriMet has created and implemented is commonly known as "The Insulation Process."

It creates a perception of action and interest while avoiding direct accountabilty by staff who hire, train, manage, and oversee the daily safe operations of transit. This includes Human Resource managers (hiring), Trainers (teaching), Garage managers (manage operator daily performance/HOS) GM and Directors (responsible for system safety).

Following the tragic accident in which a 5-year TriMet operator was involved, TriMet turned on the "Insulation Process" in full force.

They hired a new Safety Director, created process with the "RSA" and spent extrodinary sums of public funds to "train" operators in an 8-hour class that resulted in a wallet-sized card to carry, ongoing internal conflict about the existence of a blind-spot. Their has been no address of H0S, hours off in between an Operators shift, safe scheduling on durations of runs, and adequate support of break and restroom amenties for every operator.

TriMet's own accident statistics reveal no change in accidents that occur. TriMet has no measurable outcome requirement report to the Board nor it's citizens.

Thus, employees and citizens are left with--what is real and what is not?