Saturday, June 30, 2012

Supervisory reports

Several hundred people were lined up outside JELD-WEN and crowding the sidewalk in advance of the game. Arriving buses used extra caution, with folks so close to the curb and/or crossing 18th mid-block before the street was closed.
· It didn’t work well for NB Line 83 buses to drop customers off on 18th at Morrison alongside the TriMet vehicles parked in the cut-out.
Sunset - Beth & Chris Galleria - Ed JELD-WEN - Julie & Lauren
· The cash TVM at Galleria was working only intermittently.
· Most Seattle fans who attended the game seemed to be first-time MAX riders.
· Quite a few warnings/citations were issued to customers w/o valid fares at JELD-WEN, mainly on the WB platform. Some were in groups of 4-8.
· A small number of customers who wanted to board trains at JELD-WEN were delayed briefly by those who had deboarded and were having fares checked.
· Note: One woman (from out of town) raised a safety concern re: the doors of a train having temporarily trapped her young daughter between them as she was trying to exit the train. She said she could barely force them open, and the doors almost squeezed her daughter’s head/neck.

WB Booth – Beth & Chris WB Middle – Julie EB Booth – Ed EB Middle - Lauren
· We directed a number of folks to the appropriate MAX platforms, and a few SB Line 83 riders to 18th & Salmon while those buses were detoured.
· A 30-year old male on the WB platform asked for an ambulance, as he complained about hearing loss in his left ear and some queasiness that had started two days ago and was apparently getting worse. Supervisor Elliott called for medical.
· Extra service trains were well timed, and things went smoothly. The earlier game time, nice weather, and Timbers’ win (2-1) made for patient and pleasant fans
Operator of Train #1 contacted Control to inform them that he had just tripped signal W996 on departure at Merlo/158th platform. He said he watched the gate arms come down, but neglected to watch for a proper signal indication before proceeding.

Control requested that I perform a Fit for Duty check and LRV download at the 185th/Elmonica eastbound platform. Fit for Duty check & download performed on Operator Operator appeared to be fit to continue duty. END
The police wanted the trained slowed to 15mph through intersections we were bumping trains. We had no impact to rail service as they were stopping the riders as needed for our trains.
G4S was very helpful and we had plenty to help with crowds that were very large, due to the game played
Would have been once again to have police, although they seem to be elsewhere. Some folks still don’t understand the meaning of fare required.
The paddles for the shuttle buses still had the old route from the garage at Center
This was passed on to planning/scheduling to fix.

The racking was all out of order, some that were returned from the parade use was not the same so marked differently.

Got them back in order and signage in the right direction as well as the location

Had to buy 18’ of new chain from A-Boy due to the ones they left were too small.
Not long enough.

5th Ave pulls worked great as well, no issues.

Charter buses took up all the parking for the buses next to Lincoln, as well as 14th where they normally park, so some of our buses went to Columbia and were instructed to shut their buses off while there.
G4S at platform ends and train crossings, bike rack barriers in place. Signs at Kings Hill to notify passengers of platform closure.
Most people heeded train movement and direction from G4S at Jeld Wen eastbound with only a couple of exceptions.
This event went fairly smoothly and well considering the size of the crowds involved. The plans used today and previously seem to work well when properly implemented. Passengers were served and everyone got on their way safely.
We have a good plan in place for this event with everything working just fine. We got the bike racks up and closed down the Kings Hill platform; and taped off the necessary places. The crowd was in a good mood and the weather cooperated for us.
We could of used Police there pre event as 2 people climbed the bike racks

The lack of ability to turn off the security alarms on the west bound west end of the platform caused a time delay. I also understand that even though everything was reinstalled and tested that morning it was retested the next shift.

The only comment here was the difficulty with communication between me and control. Speaking as clearly as possible and still being told unable to hear or understand and the time lag between call response and permission for the tasks needed. I understand I was the one with cameras and producers and two hundred extras looking to me for quick response for a while it was difficult.

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