Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Michael Levine at the board meeting


Anonymous said...

Levine is a good enough guy; he looses in his advocacy because he allows his ego and anger to overide the serious issues facing the disabled community.

TriMet considers him as their enemy..they are defensive with him because they are guilty of the failures he desribes.

Al M said...

Like they consider me the enemy?
Or I guess they consider me a traitor I suppose.

Like any of us should sit still for the treatment they meet out?

Anonymous said...

I think TriMet is more afraid of are not cooperative in their secrets "secret" and your readership is growing.

No, Levine should not sit still, no one should. I think TriMet staff are disrepectful to Levine and he feels it, thus, he gets angry and his work efforts get lost. I have seen TriMet staff roll their eyes when Levine is speaking..and the Board allows them to behave this way.