Monday, June 25, 2012


 Adams is striking back by proposing an 8,000 percent fee increase to TriMet for benches and shelters. 

The move would force TriMet to pay Portland about $2 million a year, money that neither the city nor TriMet budgeted. That's identical to costs previously identified by TriMet to maintain free trips for high school students enrolled in Portland Public Schools.
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Reagan said...


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Al M said...

Does it got to do with Trimet or buses?

Leave it here, I see the comments

Erik H. said...

I'd sure love to see the legality of this...but in typical TriMet fashion they'll bend over and take it in the rear and make the suburbs pay for the City's street maintenance backlog.

I don't see the City trying to impose truck fees...I don't see the city imposing licensing fees based upon vehicle size. It's more of Sam Adams' hatred of buses.

If TriMet had a backbone, it'd be this simple: "You charge me $2 million for street maintenance because of our buses, I'll take away your $9 million for the Streetcar, plus I'll cut as much intra-Portland service (including the Yellow Line) keeping only routes that cross city lines.

Then, I'd increase fares for the "In-Portland Zone" while decreasing fares for "Out of Portland".

Al M said...

Publicity stunt by SAM.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree it's a publicity play. The TriMet leadership has completely changed from a powerful culture of "Customer Service & Reliable Safe Transit Service First" to one of "Capitol Projects R-Us"

Sam is strident when it comes to service to citizens.

Cameron Johnson said...

Of course as soon as it's mentioned, TriMet cries "SERVICE CUTS!" and no one knows if they're angry or cheering.

Al M said...

Cameron hits the nail on the head, as usual...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Neil and the trimet board are treating Sam Adams and Portlands citizens like Trimet treats its employees, like something stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Trimet's management and board, facist, elitist, scum. Stick it to em Sam.