Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congratulations on Winning!

Normally when you receive correspondence from a company you get some kind of a letter.  When you win something you'll usually get some form letter to congratulate you.

I got a blank piece of TriMet stationary.

I shouldn't complain because, well, it was free...but I just have a really empty feeling about this.  No "Thanks for riding TriMet?"  No "We hope to see you on WES soon?"  Nope.  Just empty space.

At least the monthly pass will go to a deserving person who can use it.  I have an annual pass so I clearly don't need it.


Al M said...


Cameron Johnson said...

Well if you're offering... ;)

But yeah, that's odd indeed. It's like they don't want to say anything to you. They either fear or loathe you.

Or they just forgot to say anything.

The Rampant Lion said...

LOL Let me guess, Eric...hummm, "Fear or loathe..."

Naaaah! No you, Eric. Probably just a light-duty operator stuffing envelopes for 1/3 of his or her regular pay.

Max said...

They probably said "congratulations, we'll put your pass in the mail" in the email.

Anonymous said...

Friggin hilariois!! Hmmm..figure the cost of per-boarding ride on WES, a free monthly pass, someone stuffing the enevelop, postage WOW! Thank-you taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Lol, you must have made a complaint, I think that's the standard response.....still that's fuuuuuuuny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, above anon, this "is" what I have heard from scammers who want a "free" pass, Just create a complaint and call it in to customer service and "bam" here is your free pass (at the expense of a decent operator, who has to go see management about a bogus complaint!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Anything widget or service one must give away is basically a waste of time, energy and efforts.

Erik H. said...

Interesting. In all of the complaints I've made I never got a free pass.

I did eventually get a letter from Fred Hansen (basically saying TriMet can't do a damn thing about bus stop safety), and that was only because I named an Operator in that complaint (after six other complaints about the SAME BUS STOP THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH AN OPERATOR!) But, no free pass then.

Erik H. said...

Probably just a light-duty operator stuffing envelopes for 1/3 of his or her regular pay.

Really? That's what Operators do on light duty?

Al M said...

yA Erik but its full pay

Anonymous said...

Yes..operators who have been injured and placed on light-duty are tasked with every mundane "admisnistration task" there is:

- stuffing envelopes
- sitting at a table marking names off a list when employees vote for "Operator of the Month"
-covering incoming phone calls when receptionists go on their breaks.
-stacking "stacks" of transfers
- filing paperwork for Admin..lots and lots of filing.
- counting cars in Park & Ride lots.

schoolguy07 said...

Erik, I'm sure you've already gotten rid of that pass?

Anonymous said...

The pass was a prize for entering a WES contest. All winners received the same email from TriMet:

WES 1-Month Pass: You're a Winner!
Congratulations, your name was randomly selected to win a pass. Please let me know if you would like a June, July or August 2012. Thanks for entering the contest!

Max said...

Leave it to Erik to complain about winning a fee bus pass.

Max said...
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Anonymous said...

If you don't need the prize, don't enter the contest/drawing.