Friday, June 22, 2012


It started here, with this video, that NOBODY bothered to dispute. Obviously Trimet management was complicit in this production, this is 3 years ago now!


Steve Fung said...

That was one of your best efforts ever.We now know that Cynthia Chilton is a paid Mercer employee whose client is TriMet.We now know that the Cascade Policy Institute is partially funded by the Koch Brothers through the Cato Institute and other anti-union/right wing think tanks(Heritage Foundation etc).We now know the numbers used against us come from the "cooked books" of the Puzzle Palace.In fact,that attack campaign has never been refuted by Neil or Mary Fetsch.If the goal was to demoralize the workforce,then I say it has been effective.We won't go down without a fight.

The Rampant Lion said...

Excellent job, Al!

What's the date on that KATU story? Is it old news, or would it be worth creating a fire-storm of 'push-back' now, especially if as many of us copy/paste your story to our respective networks?

I'm doing it anyway!

Again, great work!

Anonymous said...

Great work...TriMet's bully pulpit has been going on for too long.

Waiting for a Bruce Hansen ATU press conference with ATU Men & Women standing beside him. Time to stand up tall and speak the real truth.

coolbus18 said...

Yup! and if you listen to Mac Lamebrain speak, it's as if he was using A>L>E>C> talking points, Almost as if Fox news were writing his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Even back then, the compromise team, said and did nothing to get the message out about the bad working conditions, or the fact that operators who retire, die within 6 months of retirement. Hopefully, "we" can get "our" side out there instead of hiding, and running away from the hard questions.