Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trimet mangement/board are a disgrace

I am beginning to understand why nobody really is interested in watching or attending Trimet board meetings.
What a joke on the public they are, their little 'pretend' show, give the phony appearance of being 'public' when the opposite is the truth.

The general manager makes all the decisions, the show is scripted before they show up, so what's the point of watching that little circus. There is absolutely no transparency with any of it.

Yesterday was the PINNACLE in Trimet management hypocrisy.
"slick' boy Warner fooled lots of people, including me, into thinking the board meeting would be over at the conclusion of the public testimonies on the budget, and that it would be put off to a later date.

I come to find out after I had left the meeting that the sock puppets actually passed the horse shit budget.

This guy BRUCE WARNER is actually scary.

He is so smooth with his hypocrisy that he scares me.

But the coup de grace was making up excuses for the $111 million dollar bond and in the next breath voting to cut service and raise fares.

What a pathetic bunch of sock puppets the Trimet board is

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Anonymous said...

The culture and ethic of leadership within the organization has degraded to a level we never would have thought possible.

TriMet never intended to amend nor consider Opal's budget proposal. That became clear as
soon as Neil began his GM report.
The Board's action to transfer 1 million to "low income riders" was a planned placeholder and only marginalized poor people even more.
Opal did not want nor did they ever ask for funds to help "poor people." They and their work was focused on retaining affordable, stable and equitable bus/rail services for AlL PEOPLE.

Opal urged greater transparancy and inclusiveness from TriMet and continuosly stated their willingness to partner with TriMet to achieve those goals, together.

Neil wants to and will build new train systems. To achieve that, he surrounds himself with unqualified Operations managers that don't have the capacity nor abily to think on their own. He hires new Directors (with questionable or no resumes) to deal with the stuff he cannot..those Union workers and a labor contract that is getting in his way.
Neil and his management team choose to use the media to discuss the labor dispute which placed every frontline worker in a vulnerable and difficult position with their riders and the public.
Neil and his management team broke the law; not once but twice.
TriMet has lost the very core of what it once agency that was committed to upholding delivery of safe and reliable transit service to every citizen. An agency that valued and deeply respected it's workforce.

Opal members and ATU employess deserve appreciation for their courage and tenacity.