Friday, June 22, 2012

Trouble at the zoo

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Erik H. said...

This just begs the question as to why there's even a difference between the 63 and 83 lines...this is more "duplicative" than the 12 that has no "duplicate" but is being eliminated south of Tigard TC come September...because we all know the 94 provides excellent mid-day and weekend service to the south of Tigard, King City and Sherwood.

Looking at the route maps it looks like the 63 serves Kingston, Tichner and Marconi, a total distance of less than 2,000 feet (so, less than 1,000 feet north, and 1,000 feet south). Surely, the folks that live in the four affected city blocks can...oh, I don't know, WALK especially since there are good sidewalks in the area, and they also have access to the 20 bus (albeit with a steep walk).

The 83 takes a more leisurely route via Sherwood Boulevard inbound (to the Children's Park and along the reservoirs, and then via Kingston Drive back to the Zoo.

Surely...maybe the two routes could be consolidated, run the 63 route during the weekday rush hour, and run the 83 route all other times? So in effect there would be a 63A and 63B, or a 63X (or 63E) and a regular 63? Or...eliminate the 63 as everyone could be accommodated on the 83 (except for the less than 2,000 feet of 63 route north of the Rose Garden up to Tichner, who could just walk to Fairview & Tichner to catch the bus...or walk down to Sherwood & Washington - at least that's a downhill walk, with plenty of sidewalks and well-marked crosswalks.)