Monday, February 4, 2013

From on on duty driver-safety first right?

I really hate when they trade your bus out for very different bus (2100s) that has different switches, different blind spots, different blinkers, differnt mic pedal, different steering on the fly. I really hate that.


Henry Beasley said...

Mechanical issues in an ageing fleet, that has busses that are at drinking age, go figure.

Erik H. said...

The different buses itself isn't so much the problem, but if you're a Merlo driver who drives NOTHING but 1700s/1800s then it is an issue to suddenly get traded to a 1400, 1600 or 2100 (a Center bus). Or a 3000 (a Powell bus). Or, a Powell driver getting traded to a 2900 (a Merlo bus). And isn't it true that all of the remaining Flxibles are now at Merlo?

If you regularly drive the different models of buses it probably isn't so much a problem but if you spend 99% of the time on one fleet or model of bus, it's a huge problem.

Adri said...

No. some flxibles continue to live at Center. Not many, but i know there are some

..then again i could be wrong.