Sunday, February 24, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Just a general announcement: TriMet just failed the Americans with Physical Disabilities Act. Nice work on the elevators, assholes.
Knew I shouldn't have bought a bunch of frozen food. The 4 is AWOL. Again.

OMG, filters on my videos on the bus! Such a nerd I am! (at TriMet Bus Line 15) [vid] —

I'd think, , that a detour that screws schedules would mean a transfer with *more* time on it.

Meanwhile, on top of the time-delaying detour, my transfer has 30 minutes *less* on it than usual on Sundays. Really?

Which line is it this time? The 16 goes off route whenever the driver feels like it.

I especially enjoy how drivers rarely announce or explain detours to their passengers.

62 showed up at stop 8620 3 minutes

9:55 to 10:00 to 10:03 = you dropped the ball Trimet!

validator out of order overlook park downtown platform

Thanks to I'm late for work. Still don't understand why I'm paying more. Your service is getting worse.

Trimet is so gay

and , how about working together and alerting each other in advice when working on the bridges. Ive been waiting forever

it would be nice to have an earlier Blue line max on Sundays. Some of us rely on this train for our work commutes.

« So driver #33 thinks its ok to leave my 13 yr old at 10:44 pm at stop #2641 to wait an hour for next bus. He's cold.»

 stop id 2641 @ 10:44pm driver refused service to minor b/c of having full bike rack

left my 13yr old out in the cold on hawthorne bridge 10:45pm saturday

Trimet always lies to me whenever i text it

And then trimet semi pulled it head out of its grotesque hairy asshole.

Seriously fuck trimet.

Man trimet seriously sucks.

Bus#2940 has stopped running due to a mysterious "smell". WTf Trimet?

I hate trimet, but I would be lost without it.

Thanks for fucking me over, again.

If I have to pay 175$ fine for this fucking Trimet citation I'm going to assassinate someone.

Fucking sucks using trimet .

ticket machine for the yellow line @ Lombard TC towards expo center isn't accepting cards.

What was supposed to be a quick grocery store trip has turned into 2 hours thanks to a lack of 75's going east out of St Johns,

. had two busses that were supposed to be 75s headed towards Milwaukie have drop off only signs pass me. Looks like I'm walking home

Yep. Still smells like pee (at )

Yellow MAX operator: "can someone jiggle the door to close so I don't have to get out of the cab?" Really? abound!

For thee love of small fluffy animals, , what's the point of having schedules if bbuses will just show up 15 minutes late or early?

TIL: The 154 Willamette is the single most inefficient line in the system

Fuck you trimet

I want this talking low floor to shut up right now. I hate talking buses in the morning. Another reason I like the old buses better

Don't fall asleep on the bus. Don't fall asleep on the bus. Don't fall asleep on the bus.

I am sure glad I am driving, since I would have to take a CTRAN bus to Delta Park, 2 Different Max Trains, & at least 1 Trimet Bus! LMAO!

I hate Trimet..


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