Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
The bus drivers for are so nice! They wave at you, when they pass you at a stop and everything!

Man, the public transit experience is amazing. Every day.

one thing I don't miss about Portland AT ALL. I hate Trimet. -_-

Is it me or does look like idiots when an Out Of service train shows up after the blazers game to be followed by a short one? Boos.

Really lady on 77 I sympathize that you are having hot flashes BUT that don't mean the whole bus should freeze cuz you opened window.

Omg. The fucking max! Ugh seriously, fuck you trimet!

U know Oregon I'm all 4 mass transit but given the record U couldn't pay me 2 ride it. Now the doors are just flying open?

Brand spankin new shelter at NW Broadway and Irving. Hooray! No more trying to balance on one foot while waiting for the bus.

Ha! I like how when the driver warned everyone that fares are being checked at Rose Quarter at least 5 people walked right back out.

: So much Traffic & trimet fails today” & there's rarely a reason for it in this town.

Attn Trimet production designer: please locate your files for the #14 and search-replace "frequent service" with "whenever" URGENT thanks

you gotta get your act together.. Full busses at 11:20AM on a Wednesday, & charging more for transit than NY!

cc: RT : I refuse to jump off train at next stop to try to validate. Ridiculous system. Get your act together please.

TriMet ticket machine workflow: adjective, adjective, adjective, verb. Took me a week to not just try to do the final step (vs describe it).

you don't get the fuck out of my way when I'm trying to get off .

mirror falling off inside bus 1612 right above the front door

You're killin me, Trimet!

Both validators at N Prescot are broken. Yesterday same station not accepting credit cards.

I really don't like to complain so much about but sometimes I feel it's the only way I'm heard.

Do you even care about your riders? It's ridiculous that drivers can't wait ten SECONDS for people running from MAX!

The Yellow Line train "next stop" signs showed the same Green Line stop the entire trip home. Funny.

Oh good, I got on at rush hour and the driver is training.

Missed the 19 because it was early, and the 17 was a complete no-show. Double fail, .

I dressed kinda square today but am befriended by stoners everytime I go near TriMet. One just asked if my shoes were Ralph Lauren. Huh.

Niggas still ride trimet lol

how am I supposed to have valid fair when non of your fucking machines take debit or credit cards? [

On the stoner train. Kids are great.

No worries, trimet. I don't have any transfers to make or anything.

Waiting for a bus go a shelter someone just started smoking in. Rush hour "frequent stop" not arriving for 11min. Thanks

Whoa lady, you know you're cell-yelling? It's a phone, you don't need to scream to be heard. Technology, how does it work! 

I hate my job, I hate my boss, I hate trimet and I hate that everything makes me cry.

if anyone gives a fuck, the MAX Green Line scheduled to leave Foster to PDX at 1:19 has been leaving early. I cannot run.

On the max and the conductor announced "ladies and gentleman lend me your ears...there are fare collectors at jeld wen field! Pay!"

I think I've a greater chance catching the Hogwarts Express than a bus. It continues to be a 7-volume epic fail.

streetcars blowing through red lights..didn't even know that was possible, guess they are just keeping w trimet safety standards.

how am I supposed to have valid fair when non of your fucking machines take debit or credit cards?

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