Monday, February 25, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Thanks to I'm late for work. Still don't understand why I'm paying more. Your service is getting worse.

Bus has been 6 minutes away for 7 minutes.

Fuck Trimet, Fuck SACM, Fuck School, and Fuck this day already ... I hate Mondays ... Yeah and FUCK TMOBILE

Trimet rage AGAIN

how late exactly was the 94x bus #1430 to portland. I know i was waiting 15+ with no bus

Smells like salsa on trimet..

To man on bus: I'm all about day drinking but there's no acceptable reason that you smell this drunk at 6:30am. Get some friends.

If I get fired over this I'm going to walk right in front of a trimet bus. . Fuck up everybodys day.

Thanks to trimet lol

Thinking of renaming my Twitter is an unreliable pos.

Do you think this is acceptable, ? Bus 94 runs every hour and a half? I'LL FUCKING DRIVE!

"but I dont know my last name!!" says bawling drunk to trimet police

Brb throwing myself under a trimet bus

I've ridden a lot of bus routes in my day (lived in 3 different quadrants in 4 years) but the 4 is by far the worst.

If it's Trimet, I pay. If not, I'm sure my state or federal taxes pay for a part of it.

God damn it trimet. Get your times right.

If you hear a report about a trimet bus driver snapping and driving into the river it's probably the bus I'm on now

THREE westbound no. 14 buses grouped within a minute including the 8:08 at stop 2611 running a minute early. At least 8 min wait now

Let's play how many people can fit on one trimet bus.. I'm pretty sure we are hitting around 60 or 70.. I'm not even joking.

Seriously trimet. #4

. that older guy driving the #54 today? yeah you need to fire him immediately.

We need to do a harlem shake trimet max version ahaha

No shit this bus driver actually pulls over and waits to get back on schedule so he doesn't fuck ppl over like every other bus

I'll never understand you ending a rush hour train at 185th 

31 minutes late for the number 6 is inexcusable. I will now be making my transfer at the time I should be walking in my front door.

So I'm in my first collision. No one hurt...just Greyhound bus in the way

It costs me $5 to ride the bus everyday. It would cost me $6 to drive, + gas. But getting to work/home on time, is worth my extra $1

Days like today, when my bus is over 30 min late, make driving more efficient. I'm disappointed ,I feel like you're wasting my time.

Whomever is driving bus 2311 is stopping for green lights and missed my stop request. FYI.

My wife is a crazy magnet on TriMet. Via my wife today - So on the bus this lady put her hands on my pocket. I...

Trimet fare inspectors are basically satan

Your pm driver of blue train 7 just left Willow Ck (timepoint) eastbound 1 1/2 min early. This is not acceptable.

Nearly half the passengers on this bus seem incapable of holding bags on their laps.

Thanks...the lock being broken on the restroom door at Tigard Transit is an inconvenience, using local business restroom is too!

Ohh how I hate Trimet!!!! I need a damn car!

Some rough math tells me all told I'll have spent about 5 hours of my day on just today. Long Monday is looooooong.

Your sense of scheduling sucks. Thanks for making me late for an appointment!

some sketchy guy just puked all over the rear of bus 2724 on 17 line. Might want to hose it down before the next route.

The operator of rt 9 wb(#2651 about 2pm) is a horrible driver. Check the camera, he needs to learn how to brake, without giving ...

Buses that come 5 mins early and fuck you over + buses that come 30 mins apart

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