Thursday, February 28, 2013


The KOIN story which followed up on Bruce Hansen's allegations has brought ODOT into the scene.
The interesting thing about this is a report I got today from a Trimet bus driver.
She said to me "i have never seen so many people working on MAX lines in my entire career at Trimet"
Sounds like someone tipped them off and they are frantically trying to cover up the evidence!


Al M said...

I smell crony coverup!

railsignalman said...

There better be a good paper trail with no pencil whipping on track and signal maintenance. The feds take a dim view of that.

Al M said...

This aint the FED's, its the state so its fair guess that they all know each other.

Will they let Bruce Hansen be part of this or is "lying harry' going to chaperone the inspectors.

They have to know where to look Bruce could assist them in that.