Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alan Eisenberg editorials

Trimet bus interlock failure - YouTube

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Unknown said...

12yrs or 500,000 miles for retirement for busses (which ever comes first)
Component Expected Life: 12-Year Bus
Destination Signs 7yrs
Interior 7yrs Esthetics

Interior Climate Control 7yrs Esthetics

Windows 7yrs Esthetics

Body 14yrs Esthetics

Air System 3yr Safety

Fare Collection Device 7yrs Safety

Hubs 7yrs Safety

Radio and Public Address System 7yrs Safety

Wheelchair Lift 7yrs Safety

Brakes 3yrs Operability

Transmission 3yrs Operability

Wheels and Tires 3yrs Operability

Axles and Differential 7yrs Operability

Engine 7yrs Operability

Fuel System 7yrs Operability
Suspension 7yrs Operability

Electrical System 14yrs Operability

Structure 14yrs Operability

These are the federal mandates for parts(components)life on a 12 yr bus. Do you think that these things are being done under the buget cuts and rail expansions?