Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trimet Pork Opportunities

In one breath they threaten 70% cuts in the next breath they are beefing up the ranks on the useless over paid bureaucrats. It never ends with the poster child of deceit, TRIMET. Here we have a 72k/yr PART TIME PORK job. How despicable is this?

Job Title: Policy Advisor (Part-Time)
Closing Date/Time: Continuous
Salary: $4,223.25 - $6,015.00 Monthly
$50,679.00 - $72,180.00 Annually
Job Type: Non-Union Regular Part-Time

This is most likely that job that has been promised to that Mcfarlane crony that I reported on this blog in a previous post. You know they have to 'pretend' they are actually recruiting someone.
Listen to this nonsense:
Provide support to TriMet's Department of Diversity & Transit Equity through the development, assessment and integration of policies and program by leading and performing research and analysis in the areas of transit equity Title VI, Environmental Justice and related civil rights and socioeconomic issues relating to TriMet’s diverse service territory. 


Erik H. said...

Let's see. A "part-time" "advisor" makes more money working three hours a week, than I make in 40 hours to actually help and serve the public for eight hours a day, five days a week.

Glad to see that TriMet is not a transit agency, it's not a healthcare's a consulting business, an I.T./software company, a construction company, a development company...but NOT a Transit Agency.

Al M said...

It's not enough that they have that crony Bell in there making mid six figures at his first ever job, they need some other crony to 'advise' him.

It just makes me wretch at the management in charge of this place.

True scum like this is hard to find.

Unknown said...

Now you see what I've been saying, these things add up! Another high salery that adds to the operating costs.