Friday, February 22, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
U know Oregon I'm all 4 mass transit but given the record U couldn't pay me 2 ride it. Now the doors are just flying open?

In case it's not clear, TriMet is my enemy.

Just a general announcement: TriMet just failed the Americans with Physical Disabilities Act. Nice work on the elevators, assholes.

trimet is the ship of idiots. Have they begun urinating yet?

: I hate trimet

And the green line just ran a red light at the rose quarter.

I think I've a greater chance catching the Hogwarts Express than a bus. It continues to be a 7-volume epic fail.

streetcars blowing through red lights..didn't even know that was possible, guess they are just keeping w trimet safety standards.

On the bus on the bus on the bus bus bus. Exciting! Not really. When is trimet exciting hahaXD

on train again without verified ticket. Hope my tweets save me a fine.

I think my socks are the brightest thing in the bus this morning

told to call finance office for refund and have not heard back. Even emailed commuter card trans history as evidence.

#161 STILL not working with no out of order sign. Three weeks from first report.

Riding . Never a dull moment. Lady is screaming that she's the daughter of God. Something about our rights, transgender, marriage...

On the MAX: "the doors are {probably} closing..."

I love seeing these guys every morning. One almost became goose pate today but the stopped for it. Yay !

Man trimet is Forreal trippin ughh

Omfg I hate trimet

You're 5 min late already line 77. it's too early in the morning for this crap. Get a move on it.

CC machines not working at N Prescott. Paid for a ticket, but no ticket was dispersed at Northernmost machine.

It does no good to complain to Trimet, because Trimet employees only care about other Trimet employees. There's no oversight whatsoever.

Instead of asking the trimet driver to open the back door today, I'm just going to whine and scratch at it. I'll let you know how it goes.

bus 7003 line 70. 17th & Spokane. App arrival 6:39a. Actual arrival 6:46a. This line seems late constantly.

turn down the volume in streetcar 015. I can't hear myself think.

Stuck on a train.

Left downtown on a 5:20 green train. It's now 6:05 and I'm at NE 42nd. Medical emergency + stopped train for an arrest.

No svc alert but eastbound MAX not moving

Today trimet almost hits me. Then later I get a fare violation and a court date

Bro. Man. Bro. Dude. Man. Yo. Sup. Bro. Dudeee. Awesome. Yeah man. Crazy. Bro. Mannnn. Dude.

Trimet is where you find the real Portland freaks.

train 321B sounds like a bearing is going out on the AC, right in front of doors 5 and 6.

something smells like it's burning on bus 1629 in the front tonight...

oh I see. Delays so 2transit cops can check fares. DURING Friday night rush hour. Come on!

unacceptable to do shift changes in the middle of rush hour. What's the problem?

why is it so hard to adjust hours of your conductors to stay on during rush hour. This is not a 9-5 job.

Trimet bus drivers are fuckng crazy. Hella tailgating this school bus.

Thanks, , for not putting walls on your new shelters. As I predicted when you put them up, they don't shelter us for shit in the wind

It's a God foresaken morning here at Gateway waiting for a west bound max train. Be a shame if a train ever showed up.

delayed Yellow because lady started screaming about her kid being on the platform and emergency was pulled.

Watched a man jam the back door on the bus in his excitement to get out. Which of course made him angrier and stuck.

Ah even if there isn't puke on the buses they are still filthy. Start washing the inside of them again please.

FUCK trimet. The fucking bus driver just drove past me without stopping!

Puke all over the back door bus 8. Just left lloydcenter.

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